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Note:  As of April 19, 2020 the church purchased a "One License".  Most music is covered under this license and therefore our Podcast will carry the entire service instead of only the sermon.   Any special music not included in our license will be deleted before posting the Podcast.
Permission to podcast/stream the music in these services obtained from ONE LICENSE, License #A-719613, and CCLI, License #20970434. All rights reserved.  


MPC Service - 2022-01-23 - Reverend Dr. Luke Maybry

The Guest

MPC Service - 2022-01-09 - Reverend Dr. Luke Maybry

Worshipping Spreadsheets

MPC Service - 2022-01-02 - Reverend Dr. Luke Maybry

Grace upon Grace

MPC Full Service - 2021-12-26 - Reverend Dr. Luke Maybry

Jesus:  The Growing Years

MPC Full Service - 2021-12-24 - Christmas Eve - Reverend Dr. Luke Maybry

In a Dark Time

MPC Full Service - 2021-12-19 - Lessons and Carols

Lessons and Carols