Opportunities for Lent

Special Worship Services


Ash Wednesday - February 14 - 7:00pm in the Chapel Building

traditionally a day of fasting, this is the first day of Lent in Western Christianity. We will celebrate this occasion with a contemplative service utilizing the imposition os ashes to mark our acknowledgement that we are sinful people in need of redemption.

Maundy Thursday - March 29 - 7:00pm in the Sanctuary

Also called Holy Thursday, Covenant Thursday, Sheer Thursday and Thursday of Mysteries, Maundy Thursday marks the beginning of the three day celebration of Easter, an important time in the Christian calendar. Maundy Thursday is the day we celebrate the Last Supper with Jesus on Earth. 

Good Friday - March 30 - 7:00pm in the Sanctuary

Good Friday marks the second of the three day celebration of Easter, an important time in the Christian calendar. Good Friday is the day when Christians commemorate the crucifixion and death of Jesus Christ.

Adult Bible Study Opportunities in Lent

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Moms with Children at Home

Led by Liz, Come and Share in room 207 starting Thursday, February 15 at 11am

Meeting for the six weeks of Lent, this group will be studying the Biblical Book of Ruth to look at the many different ways we can be "Moms", the varing views of femaleness, and what it means to put our families first. We'll have drinks and a light snack available.

Pastor’s Study

Luke will lead this study on Wednesday Evening at 7:00pm or Thursday Morning at 9:30 in 206 starting February 21.

Online Discussion Group

Starting Thursday, February 15

Perfect for those of us who are too busy to commit to an in-person study or prefer to take time to study and read a text before sharing, or who like to stay in their pajamas!

Led by Liz, this six-week study invites us to read and comment along as we study Parker Palmer’s “A Hidden Wholeness”. In A Hidden Wholeness, Parker Palmer speaks to our yearning to live undivided lives—lives that are congruent with our inner truth—in a world filled with the forces of fragmentation. 

Participants will be given a discussion prompt which invites them to share their own reflections and encourages each person to comment on at least two other posts. A new prompt will  be posted twice per week. You can order the book by clicking the picture to the right.