Jonathan & Emily Seitz-Taiwan

 Meet our missionaries, Jonathan & Emily Seitz…

Our missionaries are Jonathan & Emily Seitz.  Jonathan’s parents were ministers in the Congo and in various locations along the Eastern Seaboard.  He studied abroad in Beijing, Singapore, and Ghanam returning to Princeton University to complete his PhD.  Jonathan is looking forward to returning to teach at Taiwan Theological College and Seminary.  Emily studied English and Spanish in college, as well as traveling and studing in Equador.  She is a trained librarian, completing her PhD at Rutgers University in NJ.  She has done volunteer work through the Jesuit Voulunteer Corps with immigrants and refugees in Atlanta. 


Learn about Jonathan & Emily’s ministry in their own words…

  In the coming years we hope to share about our work and experiences in Taiwan.  In our first years we’ll focus on studying Mandarin.  We’ll get to know the Presbyterian Church of Taiwan and Taiwan Theological College and Seminary.  We hope to find a congregation to join.  I’ll be placed in a presbytery.  In the fall, I’ll teach a class at the semiary’s lay academy, which is held in a church in Taipei. 

  It helps a lot to know that we have had such good role models.  We follow John McCall, who is much loved and has opened many doors for us.  We’ll join Choon and Yen Hee Lim.  We’ve been nurtured by Taiwanese-American churches that understand what it’s like to re-root in a new place.  We join a mature church:  Presbyterians have been in Taiwan for 140 years.  We’re excited to be continuing this tradition. 

  When we interviewed for this position, we were asked how we felt about going.  I remember waffling on the question.  I said something like, “excited but scared.”  Emily, however, surprised me.  She said, “returning home.”  We hope that Taiwan becomes a new home for our family.  We want to put down roots.  We want to listen and watch and learn.  We hope that we will be good students of Taiwanese culture. 

  Thank you for following our work in Taiwan.  It means so much to have your support and prayers.  We appreciate travel wishes and would be glad to stay in touch.  Because of the 12-hour time difference, we could easily teach a class over skype or talk to a committee or youth group by webcam.  We’ll be back in three years for interpretation and hope to meet you then. 

Grace and Peace!

Jonathan and Emily Seitz