Pastor Nominating Committee

The Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC) is charged with the responsibility of selecting Matthews Presbyterian's next pastor.  The PNC will be elected on January 15 at the Congregational Meeting. Nominees include: Mark Bagley, Janet Cline, Ed Grant, Katie Meyers (being the chairperson), Alice Russell, William Turk, and Howie Webb. 

The PNC must follow certain specified steps in their search and selection. This will be updated periodically as each step is started or completed.

The process of calling a pastor in the Presbyterian Church is one of trust.  The congregation elects the Pastor Nominating Committee to represent them in this work.  The congregation will trust the PNC to bring forward the candidate God is calling to lead this congregation.  Once the actual search begins, the congregation will not hear much from the PNC.  The members of the PNC are not to share any information concerning the search, not even with their families.  The checklist provided here is a means by which the PNC can inform the congregation with where they are in the process, but this is all the information the congregation will receive. The congregation will not get to hear or see any of the candidates.  There are no sample sermons.  Even once the final candidate is presented to the congregation, that candidate will not be present.  The congregation trusts that the PNC has done the work to which they were elected.  The congregation will not meet their new pastor until after the vote is taken and the new pastor comes to the church to begin their ministry.

During the search, the best thing the congregation can do for the PNC is to pray.  Pray that through this committee, God’s will be done.  Pray and then trust in your prayer.  Pray and be patient, because the search process takes time.

Our process is not a simple one.  And the PNC does not work alone in its search.  Along the way, they will work with a liaison provided by the Presbytery’s Committee on Ministry.  The Committee on Ministry (COM) will also work in partnership with the PNC to help ensure that the candidate for whom they have been searching is the candidate which they have found.  The COM is that important extra set of eyes helping to vet the candidate.  Sometimes the COM is privy to information concerning a candidate that the PNC may not know.  While it can be difficult to accept the setback when a candidate does not pass approval with the COM, it is important to understand that the COM has only the best interests of Matthews Presbyterian in mind.

Our Informational forms are in pdf format and may be accessed by clicking on the links below. They will be added as they are completed.